What 911 And Beyond Narrative Offers

By Gregory Hughes

History is a record of things that happened in the past and has changed how things are. Developments were constant. And even now, in the modern society, improvements are done in a fast paced that it might be very hard to keep up. But none of these could actually be achieved without the events of the past. Although most of them were not that good to begin with, there have been changes. Comparing the events from before and if it happens now, the effects can be very different so these things are never encouraged.

September 11 is one example of the days that the world would always remember. The bold attack by the people that were labeled as terrorists would forever stay on the minds of those who were there to witness the news and the actual people within the area. It was something that was already considered a blatant attack towards the entire country itself. And many books were printed because of this. 911 and Beyond Narrative is an example of this.

It is one thing that has stayed with the world. And just like that, it became a serious part of history. No matter how many people view this, it still happened. Because of this, they made it a point to include this in the text books indicating what happened. It would be helpful so that future generations would know how essential this day is.

For students, history is a topic that they would need to encounter. They would learn about this event and react on this as well. But the impact would never be the same especially since text books were only designed to inform and not actually provide them with the hard facts they are supposed to know. At times, some books are quite lacking.

Just because things are printed in books does not make them real or the truth. Even up to know, the real motive of why the bombing happened is still not disclosed or it was not even found out. So you cannot expect that truths will be expected from these things.

Information is still present and new ones arises according to the situation. Some people are still investigating what happened and were able to unearth specific facts. There might be changes to the reports in the past or there could be addition to what was initially reported. Even after several years, new things are expected.

Different stories were created right after the incident. Some conspiracies were fueled and it became something that was used for creating books and spinning up new things. Movies were created because of this as well. If there were false types, there were also stories that were derived from actual stories.

If you are currently looking for true information, you might want to read books that are highly focused on the activities. And do not get swept up with the rumors. Aside from that, it would be good to start at the beginning and go for reputable news sources.

Healing is still far from reality especially for those who were directly affected by the incident. It is not an easy thing to accept. And you can see that others could not even begin to heal at all. This is despite the many years that have passed.

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